Board of Directors

AED National Officers 2024-2026

AED National President

Amy RaimondoHouston Christian

AED National Vice President

Jessica Alvarez, M.Ed.Texas Christian

AED National Treasurer

Kenneth Crawford, Ph.D.Western Kentucky

AED Director of Communications

Carol Bokros, Ph.D.Mercer

AED National Secretary

Amy Crews, Ph.D.University of North

AED National Counselor

Robert Kearns,

AED National Incoming Treasurer

Dan Bubb, Ph.D.University of Nevada-Las

AED Member-at-Large

Michele Johnson, M.A.University of

AED Past President

Sovent Taylor, Ed.D.University of

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Membership is open to all students currently enrolled in a health preprofessional curriculum. Alpha Epsilon Delta serves as an honor society and a service organization. Membership is based on each student's scholastic achievement. Join your school's chapter today!

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