Annual scholarships available for consideration:

  • Virgil L. Tweedie Scholarship   $10,000 – one awarded
  • Jackson Scholarship   $5,000 – one awarded
  • Moore Scholarship   $3,000 – one per region
  • Donald O. Schreiweis Scholarship   $2,000 – two or three per region

The Virgil L. Tweedie Scholarship

In the Spring of 2004 the Executive Committee created a special scholarship to honor one of AED’s most beloved members, Dr. Virgil L. Tweedie. Dr. Tweedie had been one of AED’s most active members since he became a faculty sponsor in 1962.  He served as the Director of Region IV for 6 years.  Then in 1968, he was elected to serve as National Councilor and in 1972 he was elected to the office of National President which he held for 8 years.

The Maurice and Charlotte Moore Scholarship

Elected at the first National Convention in 1930, Dr. Maurice Moore served AED for more than 60 years in a number of capacities until his illness in 1996. He initiated The Scalpel, and together he and his wife, Charlotte, were the editors until 1987.  Recipient of the Moore Scholarship should be honored to receive a scholarship named for such a prestigious man.

The T.G. Jackson Scholarship

Dr. Jackson became a member of AED in 1980, was elected Regional Director in 1992 and at the 1998 Convention, he was elected National Vice President.  From 2000-2008 Dr. Jackson served as President and under his leadership, AED benefited from unprecedented growth.  In 2010 this distinguished scholarship was created in his honor.

The Donald Schreiweis Scholarship

Dr. Schreiweis became a member of AED in 1978 when he was elected to serve as faculty sponsor for the new Nevada Beta chapter. He also served as Director of Region 5 and was appointed National Treasurer at the 2000 biennial convention, a position he held for 18 years.
The Donald Schreiweis Scholarship was founded in 2018 in his honor and is awarded to runner ups in all five regions.

Only two submissions per Chapter are accepted.

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