Re-establishing Your AED Chapter

AED chapters may cease to function for many reasons — sometimes this is permanent. It is gratifying to hear from individuals at an institution previously chartered with an AED chapter, who wish to become members of a reactivated chapter. For reactivation approval you must submit a
reactivation plan that must include the following:

  1. Two letters of support from the university/college administration
  2. Name and letter of support from the person who will serve as Chapter Advisor with contact information, including e-mail address
  3. Names, overall GPA and Science GPA of all potential “ reactivating members”
  4. Names of the chapter officers (refer to Duties of Chapter Officers) who will serve in the reactivated chapter. The officers should include members other than seniors in order to insure a knowledge of and continuity for AED activities during the year following the chapter’s reactivation
  5. Submit a new or revised chapter constitution and bylaws for approval
  6. Reactivation Fee – $300.00

You will receive:

  1. Reactivation Charter – framed. We cannot reproduce your original charter
  2. Set of Ritual Placards
  3. An AED National Officer or a Regional Director will attend your reactivation ceremony

Upon approval of your reactivation by the Society, the AED National Office must receive the following before your reactivation is officially recognized:

• Completed Membership Record Forms (MRF — can be downloaded from the AED website) must be submitted to the National Office for each AED member including chapter officers and advisors if not
already national members – chapter officers and advisors must be registered members. Please remember for National membership (refer to the AED website), each member is required to have a minimum 3.2 science and overall GPA in a 4.0 grading system. However, chapters may have additional membership requirements included in their Constitution and Bylaws including higher GPA’s.

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Membership is open to all students currently enrolled in a health preprofessional curriculum. Alpha Epsilon Delta serves as an honor society and a service organization. Membership is based on each student's scholastic achievement. Join your school's chapter today!

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